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2 week meal plan


Yesterday I started a meal plan that will last for 2 weeks (short but intense!). A fixed menue of 900 or 1200 calories per day (alternating), no sugar, no alcohol and almost no carbs. A friend of mine tried this plan and said it was really good, she lost a few kilos and felt more energized. We’ll see, I’m not the best at following these strict plans, but I need to eat better and really kick-start it all to get results!

On today’s menu is salmon with salad for lunch and a ham salad in the evening. Might sound a bit boring, but so far all the dishes have been tasty and filling.

Lots and lots of water with that naturally.


New Year’s resolutions

I must admit that I am a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. Most years I do long lists of both professional and private goals that are more or less impossible to achieve. Fresh start and all that. This year I decided to focus on a few, easy resolutions that I can actually follow through on.

The first one is to cut down on coffee and drink more green tea. I’ve started to drink a lot of coffee at work, which isn’t even good coffee and although coffee isn’t too bad, it’s drying for the skin and given that I always pour in generous amounts of milk, it’s also a lot of unnecessary calories. Green tea on the other hand contains lots and lots of antioxidants, is said to both increase metabolism and decrease signs of ageing, apart from having a lot of other health related benefits.


Second resolution this year is to start kickboxing. I’ve always wanted to do martial arts and this year, I decided to really give kickboxing a go. I’ve found a boxing club here in Berlin which offers both group sessions and private lessons. I went last week (90 minutes!!) and was positively surprised. let’s not kid ourselves, it’s realy really exhausting, mostly guys and no nice sauna area in sight, but it was fun.

These resolutions feel realistic, and I am determined to really keep it up, now matter how many bruises and caffeine cravings I end up with.