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Friday glitters

Glittery eye shadow is hard to pull off. But every now and then, on a dull, grey Friday you just need that little extra bling. Here is a good video of how to do it. Really need to go get that L’Orèal Infallible eyeshadow asap.

Courtesy of Intothegloss


Short update on Diorskin Nude

I’ve used the Diorskin Nude foundation for over a month now. It is one of my favourites so far, great, GREAT natural finish. However, it doesn’t last a whole day. I run between meetings and sit in front of the computer ten hours per day, and in late afternoon, it definately needs retouching. Therefor I would recommend using it with a primer, for example this one. And also to keep a compact in the handbag for some touching up, especially if you are going out after work.



Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery


Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery

I’ve been using the Dynamic Skin Recovery for a month now, stealing it from my mother. She has more mature, dry skin and thought it was a bit too light for her. With my normal/combination skin it has however worked perfectly, even for the chilly winter weather. The cream is quickly absorbed into skin, and works perfectly together with a primer before putting on the foundation. It has 30spf which I highly recommend as well, even in the winter, but doesn’t clog the pores at all. I know that some users have complained about the smell, I don’t think it smells strange at all, and in general, it’s a big plus when a product doesn’t contain artificial fragrance, since sensitive skins can react badly on it. I like the texture of the cream, and on top of it all, I have received a lot of compliments for my nice skin lately, which is always a very good sign. 

You find it here.

New Year’s resolutions

I must admit that I am a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. Most years I do long lists of both professional and private goals that are more or less impossible to achieve. Fresh start and all that. This year I decided to focus on a few, easy resolutions that I can actually follow through on.

The first one is to cut down on coffee and drink more green tea. I’ve started to drink a lot of coffee at work, which isn’t even good coffee and although coffee isn’t too bad, it’s drying for the skin and given that I always pour in generous amounts of milk, it’s also a lot of unnecessary calories. Green tea on the other hand contains lots and lots of antioxidants, is said to both increase metabolism and decrease signs of ageing, apart from having a lot of other health related benefits.


Second resolution this year is to start kickboxing. I’ve always wanted to do martial arts and this year, I decided to really give kickboxing a go. I’ve found a boxing club here in Berlin which offers both group sessions and private lessons. I went last week (90 minutes!!) and was positively surprised. let’s not kid ourselves, it’s realy really exhausting, mostly guys and no nice sauna area in sight, but it was fun.

These resolutions feel realistic, and I am determined to really keep it up, now matter how many bruises and caffeine cravings I end up with.



Raiding the London pharmacy…

beauty producs from last visit in London

When in London, I always raid the pharmacy. A few weeks ago I returned from an insanely fun London weekend with these beauties. No creams or anything, my current beauty cabinet is too full. Instead I bought favourite mints, a new under eye concealer from Laura Mercier which I really like so far, and some additives for the water. Water is the best, best thing for the body, but at times it gets a little boring, so I always try to find some flavours with additional bnefits. This ones were for digestion and reducing cravings..

And after months of work, work and more work I decided to treat myself to a facial. A very high-tech facial it turned out, with ultra sound and laser. I walked out of with 2 serums and one enzyme mask. Haven’t had time to try them out yet, but I will get back to that.

Great weekend with shopping, gym, long walks, coffee at KaDeWe, the exhibition “the little black jacket” by Karl Lagerfelt and Carine Roitfeld, birchermuesli, calamari al nero, and Thanksgiving dinner German style with knödel.

The Detox Diaries, part II

So, how has these first four weeks been? Did I curse, cry and sleep through the whole thing? No, not really. Excluding alcohol completely wasn’t too much of a problem, especially here in Berlin. Going to clubs sober is somewhat of an experience, but bars works just fine. So no, I haven’t isolated myself. And the perk of waking up fresh faced on Sunday is unbelievably nice.

Suger and carbs has been more difficult. I tried to exclude it completely at the beginning but found it too difficult. Carbs shouldn’t be excluded completely of course, but I could definately scale down on it and also shift to better carbs (sweet potatoes, cauliflower, black rice, whole grain bread). So I decided to keep it simple with 2 rules; 80/20 rule and the better alternative rule.

80/20 rule is vital for me to sustain a more healthy lifestyle long term. If I set out to eat healthy 100% of the time, I will give up after 3 days. This I know from extensive experience. I am simply not diciplined enough. So, giving myself some time “off” makes it work. For example, I went to dinner with two friends this weekend. I had a really nice pasta and a tiramisu for dessert. Felt a little guilty about it, but decided that this was this week’s 20% and decided not to fret about it. There is of course a degree of dicipline to this rule, can’t make use of that 20% every day. But giving myself a little freedom on Freday and Saturday does the trick.

That said, the 80/20-rule only works in combination with the better alternative rule. Basically it means that I try to always pick the better alternative when I’m straying from the 80%.  For example, if I have an extreme suger craving I get some of dark chocolate (at least 70%) instead of grabbing a Snicker.

So what DID I eat? The usuals doctors, personal trainers and diet gurus suggest; lots of vegetables, salads, lean proteins (chicken, fish and turkey), fruit and good carbs (Cauliflower, carrots, sweet potatoe, a little whole grain bread, quinoa, etc.), greek yoghurts, soy milk, nuts and cottage cheese. I have also been drinking a lot more water (at least 2 litres a day), green tea, red tea, and herb teas. Puh!

Generally I eat out a lot, but always choose a salad, a wrap or a soup. Another thing I’ve tested is to stop eating at 6p.m. all days except Fridays and Saturdays. I have a habit of always eat when I’m home and eat pretty late, but this “rule” has actually worked very well. After six o’clock I drink water, tea, and if I’m super hungry then I have warmed a little low fat milk/soy milk and mix it with some cinnamon and cardamom.

Now, I know I sound like a super diciplined citizen with all these great habits and rules. BUT I must admit I have strayed. Not with alcohol, but I DID end up at the candy aile while visiting Sweden for a weekend. Not once, no twice actually. And on occation I have eaten a little more bread than necessary. And at a reacent visit to the cinema I somehow ended up with a jar of popcorns (which according to new studies contain a lot of antioxidants, so I figured it is ok once in a while).

All in all however, I’ve stuck with the plan and I actually feel really great after this first month. My skin has more lustre, I have more energy and I feel more balanced. So I will continue this plan until Christmas, to see if I really can get some habits to stick. Usually it takes at least 3 weeks to create new habits (and make them stick), but I figured that it’ll take a little longer for me. I have also combined thie règime with exercise, quite a lot of it actually. I have had personal trainers on multiple occations, but this time I decided to take my accumulated experience and actually design my own program.