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Inspiring, amazing… And I want to go to New York..


Raiding the London pharmacy…

beauty producs from last visit in London

When in London, I always raid the pharmacy. A few weeks ago I returned from an insanely fun London weekend with these beauties. No creams or anything, my current beauty cabinet is too full. Instead I bought favourite mints, a new under eye concealer from Laura Mercier which I really like so far, and some additives for the water. Water is the best, best thing for the body, but at times it gets a little boring, so I always try to find some flavours with additional bnefits. This ones were for digestion and reducing cravings..

And after months of work, work and more work I decided to treat myself to a facial. A very high-tech facial it turned out, with ultra sound and laser. I walked out of with 2 serums and one enzyme mask. Haven’t had time to try them out yet, but I will get back to that.