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The New Kids on the Shelf.

Giorgio Armani Maestro

I’ve used Armani’s foundations before and they are good. They are really good. If you are willing to spend a little bit more on a foundation, this is the go-to brand if you ask me. There has been a lot of writing about their latest creation, the Maestro Fusion Foundation, a lightweight, natural foundation which won Allure magazine’s “Best of Beauty” award for Best Breaktrough 2012. Very interesting indeed.

Recently I manged to convince my mother to try the Maestro foundation. She is not an avid foundation-user, instead she prefers tinted moisturizers all year around, but I thought it was time to up the game and get a little bit more coverage and even out the skin tone. Since it’s formula is really really light (I’ve never had another foundation that felt so light) but packed with pigments, you just need two little drops for the entire face. I think it’s the perfect foundation for her since it gives a very natural result, evens out the skin tone, and is easily applied with the fingers.

It contains 5 different oils, three evaporate quickly after you have applied it, but two stay on. One contains sunscreen for protection and the other includes white lotus extract, with antioxidant properties.  It’s not greasy at all and gives a semi-matte finish which worked perfectly for my mom.

You can find it here.




& other stories make up

H&M’s new concept & Other Stories just released the first pictures. I’m really a fan of COS and H&M Trend, so I have high expectations of this new brand. What’s even more interesting is that they will also launch makeup, and judging from the pictures released so far it looks very interesting. A lot of trendy colors (like the cobalt blue mascara) for a good price is always a nice addition to the otherwise pretty neutral tones in my make up case. However, I’m not a fan of H&M’s make up, the quality is simply too low, so it’s going to be interesting to see if they can achieve a higher quality for this line of make up..

nude lips pink lips blue mascara

The new nude of Dior

I finally got my hands on the right shade (031) of Diorskin Nude foundation that I have been so curious about. All the airports I’ve been to have been out of it, so finally I ended up at Galleries Lafayette here in Berlin.

The new Diorskin Nude is a remake of the original Nude foundation. It is actually lighter than the older version and includes light-reflecting pigments to make it even more natural and glowy. According to Dior it  creates a shine free, natural glow with a bare skin effect and just the right amount of coverage.

I have now been using this foundation for a week, both during the day and for nights out and I must say that I really, REALLY like it. To give you an idea of the setting: I have very thin skin with small pores, not especially oily and not particularly dry. I get a little red spots here and there, and definitely prefer some coverage, especially during the winter.

The texture is light and oil free, very easy to work into the skin, both with the fingers and a sponge. It is not oily so it is suitable for oily and combination skin, perhaps in combination with a little powder. The light-reflecting particles are very discreet and all in all it gives a very natural impression. It even out the skin tone, takes care of the redness and gets the job done. Very nicely done.

I use the foundation in combination with a moisturizer and a primer, which makes the foundation last pretty well during the day. On occasion I have touched it up with a little bit of pressed powder, especially if I’ve been sitting in front of the computer all day. We’ll see but right now this is a product that slowly but surely is working its way towards the top shelf…

Diorskin nude foundation

Diorskin Nude foundation


BB creams, CC creams and all the other letters of the alphabet

Nästa hypade produkt att nå europeiska breddgrader från den asiatiska kontinenten är CC crèmen (istället för att prata om s.k. Beauty Balm så handlar det alltså nu om Color Correct), en annan produkt som hävdar att den kombinerar hudvård med makeup. Jag har inte provat CC crème ännu, Chanel väntas släppa sin version i Europa någon gång nästa år, men den ska tydligen ha en mer mousse-liknande konsistens som lättare ska gå in i huden och ge mer lyster. Jag har inte konverterat över från foundation till BB crème, jag tycker det är en genväg som blir en omväg, men jag måste erkänna att jag är mycket nyfiken på denna produkt med mer fukt och hemliga ingredienser som ska öka kollagenproduktionen. CC crèmen ska ge ett mer täckande resultat än föregångaren, men fortfarande ge ett naturligt intryck. Internationella skönhetsentreprenören Rachel Kum har sagt till WWD att CC crèmen ger 30% bättre resultat och, ännu bättre, så behöver du inte längre ha dåligt samvete om du någon gång då och då råkar somna med sminket på efter en särdeles lyckad utekväll…


The next hyped product to reach European shores from the Asian continent is the CC cream (instead of talking about beauty balm we are now talking about color correct), another product claiming to merge skin care and makeup. I haven’t tried the CC creams yet, Chanel is releasing a CC cream some time next year, but it supposedly has a more mousse-like texture that blends easily and gives more lustre. I haven’t converted to BB-creams, I think it is a shortcut that turns into a detour, but I must admit that I’m a little bit intrigued  by the addition of secret ingredients that are supposed to promote collagen growth. They’re supposed to give more coverage than BB creams but still give a natural impression. International beauty entrepreneur Rachel Kum told WWD that CC creams yield 30% better results, and even better, you don’t have to feel guilty if you end up sleeping with the makeup on after a particularly successful night out… 

No shortcuts

Några av mina vänner har frågat mig om det här med BB-crèmer, eller de så kallade beauty balms som har hypats en hel del det senaste året. Jag har hunnit testa ett par olika, både i den lägre och högre delen av prisskalan, och jag måste säga att jag inte är speciellt imponerad. De flesta lovar ett slags 5-i-1 produkt, som fungerar både som fuktcrème, primer, foundation, solskydd och så vidare, och så vidare. Men, jag är inte övertygad. Varför? Därför att det ska locka till att ta en genväg och hoppa över steg i rutinen, och ändå få samma eller till och med bättre resultat. Det låter ju bra, men ingen av de BB-crèmer som jag har testat har levt upp till det de lovar. Så, ladies, istället för att ta denna genväg, tycker jag att ni istället ska satsa på a) en bra fuktcrème, b) en bra primer och c) en kvalitativ foundation/puder/färgad fuktcrème (eller det underlag som du föredrar). Jag lovar att resultatet kommer att bli bättre.


A few friends of mine have been asking about BB creams, the so-called beauty balms that has been all the rage the last year. I have tried a couple of different ones, both in the lower end f the price scale and the higher, and I must say that I am not too impressed. Most of them promise a sort of 5-in-1 result, stating that it’s both moisturizer, primer, spf, coverage, ec. etc. However, I am not convinced. Why? This is a typical shortcut, luring you to skip steps in the normal routine, while getting the same, or even better, results. Sounds great, but none of the ones I have tested have lived up to their promise. So, ladies, instead of taking this shortcut spelled BB, I would advise you to use a) a good moisturizer, b) a good pimer, and c) a high quality foundation/tinted moisturizer/pressed powder (whatever texture you prefer). I promise that the result will be better.