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2 week meal plan


Yesterday I started a meal plan that will last for 2 weeks (short but intense!). A fixed menue of 900 or 1200 calories per day (alternating), no sugar, no alcohol and almost no carbs. A friend of mine tried this plan and said it was really good, she lost a few kilos and felt more energized. We’ll see, I’m not the best at following these strict plans, but I need to eat better and really kick-start it all to get results!

On today’s menu is salmon with salad for lunch and a ham salad in the evening. Might sound a bit boring, but so far all the dishes have been tasty and filling.

Lots and lots of water with that naturally.


Pomelo & Pellegrino

I recently discovered a little shop near my office that sells Pomelo a citrus fruit I first encountered on a trip to Thailand. This fantastic fruit is the perfect snack. It’s crisply, tangy, sweeter than a grapefruit, very low in fat but filling, lots of vitamin C, fiber, antioxidants and said to fight the signs of aging. Sounds good to me!

The Detox Diaries

After a year of excesses in the form of alcohol, partying, sugar, coffee, coffee, late night snacks (pizza!) and eating whatever I feel like whenever, I dedided it was time for a little break. In short, I needed a serious re-programming of my habits. And I also must admit that I enjoy a little experimenting, just to see if it has any effect on my body, skin and mood. Now, the point was not to do some extreme I-only-drink -green-juices-for-10-days, but more of a kick start of a more healthy (and sustainable) lifestyle.

So what was the plan for the first month? First of all, the alcohol had to go. Why? No harm in a little r&r with a glass of wine every now and then, non? This is of course true,  but my liver could do with a little TL&C and I decided to start with a month completely free from alcohol. We all know that excessive amounts of alcohol is bad for you, but it actually has a lot of negative effects from a beauty perspective as well. The skin does not like alcohol to start with. It can cause breakouts, dryness and that charming puffiness we all know too well as well as advance the ageing of the skin (i.e. hello wrinkles!). In terms of body/figure it is also a bad idea to drink alcohol often. Alcohol contains a lot of empty calories and suger, it messes up metabolism, it causes dehydration,  it induces bad food choices (hello late night pizzas and snacking) and does little to encourage that Sunday morning gym visit we planned at the beginning of the week.

Second, sugar and carbs had to go. At least for a while. Why? Many complex carbs (pasta, white bread, rice for example) quickly converts into sugar in the body and sugar is simply put not good for you. A diet rich in sugar and carbs usually means we have to go up in jeans size, but it is also bad for the skin. I know, I know, how can it be bad when it’s soo good? There is an American ageing guru, namely dr. Perriocne from Yale. According to him  blood sugar spikes, and a process called “glycation” begins when  a person eats a food high in sugar or complex carbohydrates. Glycation is the process in which sugar attaches to collagen, making the skin tough and inflexible.

When glycation occurs, the skin on a person’s face becomes more susceptible to signs of aging, such as wrinkles, because it cannot bounce back easily when stretched. Furthermore, elasticity is an important aspect of youthful skin. Skin is flexible and elastic because it is rich in collagen and elastin. Skin that has elasticity doesn’t wrinkle very easily. Perricone says that over time, when someone eats a lot of sugar, her skin loses elasticity and resilience, which leads to deep wrinkles and an older-looking face.

Sounds fun, huh? Most girls I know want perfect skin and a nice figure, basically being comfortable in ones skin? But then most of us want to be able to eat a good meal and drink some good wine with friends on a Friday evening, and get that jar of Ben & Jerrys on a particularly slow Sunday evening watching Homeland. My goal has been to start with an intense first month, and then create some habits that are sustainable. Tomorrow I will tell you what I did and how it went down.