2 week meal plan


Yesterday I started a meal plan that will last for 2 weeks (short but intense!). A fixed menue of 900 or 1200 calories per day (alternating), no sugar, no alcohol and almost no carbs. A friend of mine tried this plan and said it was really good, she lost a few kilos and felt more energized. We’ll see, I’m not the best at following these strict plans, but I need to eat better and really kick-start it all to get results!

On today’s menu is salmon with salad for lunch and a ham salad in the evening. Might sound a bit boring, but so far all the dishes have been tasty and filling.

Lots and lots of water with that naturally.


Pomelo & Pellegrino

I recently discovered a little shop near my office that sells Pomelo a citrus fruit I first encountered on a trip to Thailand. This fantastic fruit is the perfect snack. It’s crisply, tangy, sweeter than a grapefruit, very low in fat but filling, lots of vitamin C, fiber, antioxidants and said to fight the signs of aging. Sounds good to me!

3 favorites

Three current favorites:

1. Estée Lauder’s Nail Lacquer in So Vain. A nice nudepink nail polish that is launching in March.

2. Anja Rubik’s perfect, PERFECT coat! Where can I find this beauty?

3. And my new Sandro velvet trousers, found at a very reasonable price at the sales here. I will wear them at night with heels and to work with a dark blue cashmere sweater.

Sandro Pantalon Plaisir

Giorgio Armani Maestro

I’ve used Armani’s foundations before and they are good. They are really good. If you are willing to spend a little bit more on a foundation, this is the go-to brand if you ask me. There has been a lot of writing about their latest creation, the Maestro Fusion Foundation, a lightweight, natural foundation which won Allure magazine’s “Best of Beauty” award for Best Breaktrough 2012. Very interesting indeed.

Recently I manged to convince my mother to try the Maestro foundation. She is not an avid foundation-user, instead she prefers tinted moisturizers all year around, but I thought it was time to up the game and get a little bit more coverage and even out the skin tone. Since it’s formula is really really light (I’ve never had another foundation that felt so light) but packed with pigments, you just need two little drops for the entire face. I think it’s the perfect foundation for her since it gives a very natural result, evens out the skin tone, and is easily applied with the fingers.

It contains 5 different oils, three evaporate quickly after you have applied it, but two stay on. One contains sunscreen for protection and the other includes white lotus extract, with antioxidant properties.  It’s not greasy at all and gives a semi-matte finish which worked perfectly for my mom.

You can find it here.




Since I’ve moved to Berlin I’ve been doing Shellac every other week. Shellac is a nail polish that is dried under UV light and lasts much longer than a regular nail polish. Much longer. My nails are thin and unhappy and regular polishes rarely looks nice more than 2 days. At the same time it is not as thich as the gel that I tried previously when I lived in Stockholm. For me the Shellac looks perfect for up to two weeks, and it’s such a relief to not have to do your nails every other day. I’ve found a little place near my apartment where I can get it done for 15 EUR (!!). Perfection in 35 min. The only downside is that there aren’t too many nice colors to choose from, no Chanel-ish hues. It’s more black, red, burgundy or taupe. Basta. But it works! And I highly recommend it.





& other stories make up

H&M’s new concept & Other Stories just released the first pictures. I’m really a fan of COS and H&M Trend, so I have high expectations of this new brand. What’s even more interesting is that they will also launch makeup, and judging from the pictures released so far it looks very interesting. A lot of trendy colors (like the cobalt blue mascara) for a good price is always a nice addition to the otherwise pretty neutral tones in my make up case. However, I’m not a fan of H&M’s make up, the quality is simply too low, so it’s going to be interesting to see if they can achieve a higher quality for this line of make up..

nude lips pink lips blue mascara